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Education that lasts beyond a lifetime

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Christian education

Our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded His people to go forth and make disciples by baptizing and teaching.  Our school is one of the arms our church uses in carrying out the teaching portion of the Lord's command.

Bethany Lutheran School is...

...supported by Bethany Lutheran Church. Bethany Lutheran School was established to reach out with the Gospel to nurture and educate believers in Christ for lives of service to Him.

...intended to meet the needs of the child as a whole: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

...operated and maintained on the basis that the church and school are inseparable; that any education which ignores or sets aside Christian truths is inadequate in the spiritual, mental and physical growth of the individual child.

...a member of The Evergreen Lutheran School System (TELSS), which includes 13 local Lutheran schools and Evergreen Lutheran High School in Tacoma, WA.  TELSS is part of the fourth largest private school system in the United States, comprised of 375 Lutheran schools, 25 Lutheran high schools, three colleges and two seminaries.  Affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS), this school system serves almost 30,000 students in 27 states and four foreign countries.


Founded in 1976 by Bethany Lutheran Congregation, our school was established in an effort to provide a Christ-centered Lutheran education, focused on academic excellence for members of our church and the surrounding community.  The intent of the school is to meet the needs of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

The spiritual education of the student is provided through the teaching of the Bible and the atmosphere, guidance and discipline, which permeates the entire day.  All students are expected to participate in the religious education program, including weekly chapel services.

The intellectual education of the student is approached from the principle that the child must be taught, beginning at the level where he or she is, and progressing toward the development of his or her fullest potential.  Goals and standards are set for the students, which will prove to be challenging, attainable, and realistic to their world.  Their education is geared to living, providing them with the tools to meet the future expectations of life as responsible Christian citizens.

The emotional, social, and physical education or the child revolves around the educational climate of the classroom.  With the love of Christ and the example of a Christian educator, the child is surrounded with concern and understanding.


1. Diligently teach God's Word and all other subject matter in the light of that Word.

2. Instruct the students in the fundamentals of Christian thought and action.

3. Guide the children to develop a Christian attitude and outlook on life.

4. Develop high ideals of citizenship grounded in obedience to God's Word and concern for the welfare of our fellow man.

5. Provide Christian fellowship as one of the most powerful factors in building character and training in Christian living.

6. Strive for high academic standards.

7. Provide and environment in which the child functions securely, developing these areas of his or her education as a daily experience.

These philosophical objectives are attainable only through the help and guidance of God, combined with parents and school forming a joint venture in education.  The harmonious relationship of the child--teacher--parent and God provides the setting and environment of optimum education; BLS endeavors to reach this optimum daily.

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